For Electrodry Sydney, Call 02 9235 3311
Address for Wallera Pty Ltd:

Suite 906, 189 Kent St, Sydney, NSW, 2000
PO Box 2664, Sydney, NSW, 2001


Important note to Sydney customers:

As a potential customer in the Sydney metropolitan area, you have been redirected through Electrodry’s website to the above contact details because Electrodry in the Sydney metropolitan area is operated by Wallera Pty Ltd trading as Electrodry Sydney (Wallera).

Wallera has a licence from CGM Investments Pty Limited Pty Limited (CGM) to exclusively use the electrodry cleaning process and name “Electrodry” in the Sydney metropolitan area under a Franchise Agreement with CGM.

CGM uses the “Electrodry” name and cleaning process in all areas of Australia outside of the Sydney metropolitan area.

Wallera Pty Ltd t/as Electrodry Sydney and CGM which trades as Electrodry throughout Australia, but not in the Sydney metropolitan area, conduct separate businesses and are otherwise not associated or affiliated with one another in Sydney or elsewhere.

For that reason, CGM does not provide any training or supply cleaning products, floor coatings or any other product, including “Electro-Shield”, to Wallera.

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