Reduce power usage by up to 22%. Increase cooling power by up to 4°.

Air Conditioner Cleaning

Starting at $ per unit & get $20 OFF your 2nd unit clean!



*Note: We can only clean an external unit if it is on the ground and easily accessible.

Benefits of Air Conditioner Cleaning


Dramatically increases the efficiency of your air-conditioner, slashing your electricity bills.


Improves air quality by removing harmful germs, mould and bacteria.


Heating and cooling performance is increased by up to 4⁰C.


Extends the life of your air conditioner.


Improved performance means your ideal temperature is reached quicker.


Ideal service for asthma and allergy sufferers.


Get $20 off your second unit clean!

Electrodry's Air Conditioner cleaning removes mould, dirt and contaminants from your air conditioner making it work more efficiently. Your air conditioner will function effectively which dramatically increases cooling and air flow.

*Savings figure based on commercial cooling system.
**The price may be subject to the condition and position of the unit.

Electrodry Air Conditioner Cleaning Process

Just like our other professional cleaning services, our air conditioner cleaning process was designed with your health and comfort in mind. It thoroughly clears your unit of contaminants, helping it to operate at optimum efficiency. A professionally cleaned air conditioner means healthier indoor air quality, 22% less power consumption and better cooling power!

  • Before we commence work we turn off the power, cover all electricals and place a protective bib around the air conditioner.

  • Electrodry’s cleaning solutions break down built-up dirt, grime and mould, enabling their removal in the cleaning process.

  • The fins on the evaporative unit are cleaned under pressure to remove built-up dirt and grime, allowing the air conditioner to cool effectively.

  • Water is injected onto the barrel fan to safely release built-up dirt and grime.

  • The air conditioner is tested to ensure functionality. Testing should show higher air flow and cooler air compared to testing prior to cleaning.

Inspection of Affected Area

The first step, and most important is safety. We will turn off the power, cover electricals and place a bib around the system to ensure cleanliness too.

Electrodry's Cleaning Solutions are Applied

We are proud of the products we use, that are safe but also effective at targeting the contaminants nestled within your air conditioner.

A Thorough Clean

Using a high pressure device, the technician will clean the fins on the evaporative unit to help the machine to run more effectively in the future by blasting away the dirt blocking the air flow.

A Further Pressure Clean

This time, the barrel fan is targeted to release further grime from different areas of the system.

Last but Not Least

The technician will conduct a final air flow test to make sure that the job has been done properly and that you are going to reap the benefits of a much better functioning air conditioner.

The Electrodry Guarantee

Electrodry gives all our clients a 14-day satisfaction guarantee. If you are not totally satisfied, we will re-clean your aircon free of charge.


Frequently Asked Questions

Electrodry Air Conditioner Cleaning FAQ 1

Over time, dirt, grease, oil, mould and contaminants attach themselves to the internal evaporative unit, inhibiting the air conditioner's ability to cool the air. At the same time, mould growth throughout the unit starts to block air flow and contaminate the air with harmful mould spores. Professional cleaning removes the built up contaminants and mould, allowing the air conditioner to work like new, blowing clean, cool air.

Electrodry Air Conditioner Cleaning FAQ 2

Air conditioner cleaning improves air flow and cooling performance. This means that the unit has to work less and for a shorter period of time to get the same cooling result. Your air conditioner will get to the desired temperature more quickly and run at a lower speed to maintain that temperature.

Electrodry Air Conditioner Cleaning FAQ 3

Mould and bacteria build up in air conditioners, often at alarming levels. Mould spores, bacteria and contaminants are then blown through the home every time the air conditioner is turned on, potentially causing ill health. A clean air conditioner is especially important for those with asthma or other respiratory illnesses.

What Customers Have to Say About Electrodry's Air Conditioner Cleaning

"I thought I cleaned my air conditioner, but not until I was showed how and where I couldn’t/wasn’t able to clean. OMG! Was I shocked."

"Great service, prompt, cleaned up well afterwards."

"Aircon is now working like a dream."

"Excellent service for $99. It will become a regular thing from now on."

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How Much Does Air Conditioning Cleaning Cost?

Split System Air Conditioner

Split system 1st internal unit


Split system 2nd internal unit(s)


Split system internal w/ external unit


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