Electrodry Floor Sanding Terms and Conditions

Electrodry works to achieve the highest possible work quality in all service delivery areas.

Our terms and conditions form part of our advice and scope of work and should be read carefully. There are certain site-specific issues that will affect the result on any floor hence an understanding of those issues will help develop realistic expectations of the final result.

  •  If there are other trades on site we cannot guarantee the final result of the floor

  • Although we will exercise all due care, due to the nature of the work and machines used skirting boards and trims may be marked in the floor sanding and refinishing process. We will not be held liable for marks on skirting boards, trims, walks and similar objects.

  • Sanding and finishing a timber floor is an acquired skill. Please keep in mind that all machines are operated by hand and accordingly there may be some small variations in the finish.

  • Electrodry will minimise sanding dust, but does not guarantee a completely dust free environment and finish on the floor. Such an expectation is unachievable.

  • Electrodry will not be held liable for other tradesmen’s workmanship e.g. paint flakes, tiler’s spills, plaster dust in cracks, denting from ladders and other tools, silicon, work boot and scuff marks etc.

  • Silicone or oil on the floor may cause rejection of the floor coatings. This may extend to the effect of silicone based products such as air-fresheners 

  • Electrodry’s ability to remove deep cuts or gouges will depend on the depth of the cut or gouge.  Electrodry may also be unable to remove stains from within the floor board such as watermarks, urine stains and the glue from carpet underlay.

  • There will always be some level of dust in a finished floor.  We will take every precaution possible to limit dust on the floor however it is likely that there will be some dust in the final coat. Dust will be more noticeable on dark timbers, glossier finishes and in areas of direct light.

  • Electrodry is limited by the condition of your floor as to the finish you receive.

Drying and Curing Times

  • Your final coating will take between 3 and 24 hours to dry, but potentially longer depending on the weather and drying conditions. Electrodry does not take any responsibility if you walk on the floor whist the coating is wet and create a foot print or cause damage by moving furniture back before the coating has cured.

  • Before commencing the work the technician attending will provide an estimate of the time required to complete the job. The time required may vary depending on the nature of the work, any unforeseen circumstances, illness of our technicians and the weather.

Floor Filling

  • We will punch nails and fill nail holes with a wood filler. We do not fill gaps between floorboards as the floor boards are designed to expand and contract, and the filler will eventually break and crack as a result of these natural variations.

  • Any holes larger than a nail hole may have a sunken appearance when filled.

  • We cannot guarantee that the colour of the wood filler will exactly match the floor.

Deposit and Payment

  • We require a 25% deposit for all floor sanding works. This deposit is refundable if the work is cancelled with more than a weeks’ notice. If the work is cancelled or transferred with less than a weeks’ notice, then the deposit may not be refunded.

  • Payment of a deposit is considered as acceptance of these terms and conditions.

  • Full payment of the job is required upon completion of the service. No warranty claims shall be entertained if the work is not paid for in full.


  • Electrodry may require payment to be made before the final coat is completed.

  • If payment is not made at the end of the job and an account is issued then a $200 account keeping fee may be charged. The maximum term of any account shall be 14 days.

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